Monday, February 13, 2012

A Brief Appetizer To Entice

This is the first post of my new foodie blog.  Food is awesome. It nourishes us, entertains us, brings out our creativity, our passions and memories. It can excite us, disappoint us, make special moments even more memorable. Food can be an amazing thing.
In this blog, I'll be discussing the textures, the dishes, the elements that make up those special meals that we all remember. I'll talk about the tools we can use to make stunning meals, the tools the pioneers used, as well as old time recipes from the North, South, East and West. I'll discuss basic food prep methodology and terminology that many of us may not know about. I'll introduce you to new ingredients, new dishes and new ways of looking at what we put into our mouths. I'll feature cool places to eat, cooking schools, other foodie blogs that you should know about and up and coming cooks, and maybe even some of their recipes. I'll share some of our favorite meals with you too, along with what makes them special. I'd love to hear about what makes up your best recipes, your special meals and food related traditions. Do you cook well, or are you trying to improve your cooking skills? What is your favorite comfort food?
Let's have a conversation about food...

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